Understanding precision farming  


The digitisation of agriculture is really starting to take off, and precision farming is the first stage of this digital revolution. The technology available offers numerous advantages for agricultural enterprises, but how do you make this highly technical field accessible to your customers? With our help, you’re guaranteed to find the right product.

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Utilising the opportunities of digitisation

The advantages of digitisation and precision farming are clear. With the help of new technologies, savings can be made on pesticides, fertiliser and seed, as well as labour, diesel and machinery costs. Your customers will use resources more efficiently, thereby achieving higher yields and helping to protect the environment. The quality of work will also increase and the strain on staff will decrease. Sooner or later, rising costs, a shortage of skilled workers and more extensive regulation will also require investment in digital solutions in the agriculture sector.

Brand independence

Do your customers have mixed fleets of machines? Then purchasing a brand-independent solution will bring numerous advantages. Although most machine operators are used to working with a variety of different systems, a brand-independent steering system will significantly reduce the amount of training required, and make your customers more independent of individual machine manufacturers. Manufacturer-independent systems have been developed for a large number of different machines and often support various interfaces and file formats.


Increased productivity
Increased quality of work 
Reduced production costs
Conservation of natural resources
Improved working conditions

Section technology & automated control

Precision farming is divided into two closely linked areas: Boom section technology and Automated machine control.


Boom section technology refers to the management of agricultural land, taking into account soil and crop differences within a field. Based on detailed data on the crop and soil conditions, exactly the right amount of seed, fertiliser and crop protection product is applied at each location.


Automated machine control increases application precision that would be unattainable with manual control. With steering systems and automated implement control, work results can be optimised, time and resources can be saved, and the operator's workload can be reduced.

Digital farm management

Many farmers and contractors now monitor their own processes using farm management systems. These systems enable track data to be managed more easily or transmitted online directly to different drivers or contractors. The field index helps to make track and yield data accessible anywhere, and yield, biomass, application and satellite data also provide the basis for comprehensive crop monitoring. As a result, in-house processes become more transparent and consequently more efficient.


On the safe side with GRANIT

The GRANIT precision farming experts are on hand to help you find the right product. From simple steering aids to automatic steering systems accurate to the centimetre, we are pleased to offer individual and cross-brand solutions for every challenge and every customer requirement. We can advise you on the latest technology, as well as upcoming trends and developments. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Always on track

Car navigation systems use GPS and are accurate to within five to ten metres. However, in the field much greater precision is required. Correction signals such as RTK can be used to increase the accuracy of satellite signals. In cases such as this, a nearby reference station will serve as a fixed point for determining the operator’s own position more accurately. Track deviation is thereby reduced to one or two centimetres depending on reception and signal, something which is hardly feasible by eye from the tractor cab.


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